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Commemorating 19 Years Since Michael Hutchence's Shock Death With A Rocking Rarity

That time that Hutchence sung lead vocals for Cold Chisel. Yep, it happened.

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Today, 19 years ago, one of Australia's greatest shining stars sadly passed away, at only 37 years of age.

Michael Hutchence, lead singer and with Andrew Farriss, the principal writer of pretty much every INXS hit, tragically took his own life in a Double Bay hotel room on 22 November, 1997. At the time, Hutchence was in Australia, preparing for the barnstorming Aussie tour that would have seen INXS celebrating 20 years of existence.

The tour, which obviously never eventuated, was called the "Lose Your Head" tour.

Around this time of year, we go on the lookout for rarities and stuff the average music fan may not have seen, and this year, we've discovered a gem.

Hutchence once recorded a song with Cold Chisel, entitled Speed Kills. Written by Don Walker and featured on the Freedom movie soundtrack, the songs goes a long way to answering the question, what would Cold Chisel have sounded like with Michael Hutchence out front.

Source: Youtube

The song was re-released by INXS as part of their Stay Young 1979-1982 compilation album. It features that classic Chisel vibe, but with a hot, young up and comer leading the way on vocals.

It wasn't Hutchence's only collaboration with Walker. He also appeared on the song "Forrest Theme", again written by Walker.

In recent times, a lot has been done to bring the recognition that many believe Hutchence deserves for what he and INXS did in taking Australian music to the world. Many still believe that Hutchence was Australia's last true rock star.

Earlier this month, a campaign emerged to have a statue honouring the memory of Michael Hutchence erected in Sydney, the place of his birth and where INXS spent most of their formative years before their explosion on the world music scene.

On Triple M’s Home Grown segment, Jane Gazzo spoke to Hutchence's sister, Tina, about making the statue happen.

It seems that, particularly with the 20 year anniversary imminent, that the statue is a must for Australian music to finally acknowledge and respect the memory of one of its finest.

Triple M's Becko once spoke to both Kirk Pengilly and Tim Farriss, reflecting on that shocking day back in 1997.

Becko also spoke with long-time friend and producer Mark Opitz, who reflected on what made Michael, Michael.

On the INXS front, this week (possible coincidence) sees the release of their famous Australian Made tour from 1986/87 on DVD and Blu-Ray. The release will also see a select bunch of movie theatres also play the show from go to woah, giving fans a chance to celebrate a band at the top of their game and about to crack the world's scene in a serious way.


Tags: INXS, Australian Music, Australian Made, Michael Hutchence, Cold Chisel

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