Posted: 26 November, 2016 by Triple M

Bullets Found On Melbourne Train

Just in.

A pouch of bullets has been found on a train in Melbourne.

Seb Costello broke the news on The Weekend Breakfast on Saturday morning that the bullets were found lying on a seat in a carriage near Cheltenham station, on the Frankston line.

Seb taked to Ren, the man who found the ammunition, on Triple M.

"(I found it) just a couple of steps before Cheltenham. That's the first time I looked up," said

"I wandered over, picked it up, I thought it was torch batteries in this torch pouch. So I upended it in my hand, and out rolls four .38 calibre bullets.

"That's the first thing I said - did it have to be this in my hand this morning?"

"As soon as I got off the train station I went straight to the police station, reported it, handed it in, left my details and basically told them the carriage number that it was on, and they're going to go through CCTV because they expect that the carriage would have been clean in the morning before it started commuting.

"It was the first train of the day, so I dare say they'd be able to track the person."

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