Posted: 29 November, 2016 by @clairesherwood_

The Instagram More Popular Than Star Wars, NASA & Warnie Put Together

Pic: TSA instagram

An unlikely star of social media has emerged from the's 100 best Instagram accounts list - 

Yep, the TSA - the US agency that's extremely unpopular with members of the public -has come in at number 4... sandwiched between Rihanna and Beyonce. 

It wasn't quite good enough to beat Kim Kardashian, who took out the crown, or National Geographic which made second place... but you can see why it's tallied up more than 280,000 followers, right?

The guy behind the profile is TSA's Bob Burns. He's started inviting travellers to tweet @AskTSA for advice before travelling, which has proven to be a steady supply of funny, bizarre and downright weird content... 

"I knew it would be popular and I knew we'd have a never-ending source of content,"

"But I didn't know how popular we'd be."

"A lot of people say that our account has some weird formula because who would have thought of posting pictures of weapons and dogs?"

These days, there's a team that manages the agency's Twitter feed so he can stay focused on Instagram, the blog and whatever platform comes next. 


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