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BT Fears Heart And Soul Ripped Out Of Hawthorn

The Bristler took a dim view of Lewis and Mitchell trades

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Triple M Footy’s Brian Taylor believes Hawthorn’s decision to trade out club legends Jordan Lewis and Sam Mitchell might rip the heart and soul out of the club.

In what turned out to be two of the most sensational moves of another explosive AFL trade period, Lewis joined Melbourne and Mitchell crossed to West Coast. 

BT told Triple M’s Rush Hour on Melbourne that the shock trades meant no player could ever be sure they’ll stay at Hawthorn for the duration of their career ever again. 

“I think he (Lewis) was genuinely filthy, and why wouldn’t you be? Because he probably thought, and rightfully thought, and I thought he would be too, the next captain of Hawthorn and he’d be rock solid there,” BT said.

“It would have been a big shock to him. I’m sure he’s got over it now and he’s moved onto the next stage of his football career.

“I think it has a chance of ripping the heart and soul out of the place.

“If you’re dealing with players like that that are really well-liked - particularly Jordan Lewis, they all love him, Mitchell has been a great player, current reigning best-and-fairest - you do stand to risk ripping the heart and soul out of the place by getting rid of players like that. 

“It all depends on how the other players handle it. Do all of a sudden they have a lack of trust in the people above them because of what’s happened to those two players?”

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Tags: AFL, Hawthorn Hawks, Hawks

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