Posted: 19 October, 2016 by Footy Newsroom

Jake King Was Given Spot On Marngrook Because They 'Thought He Was Indigenous'

Push-Up speaks out

(Image: Marngrook, SBS)

Former Richmond player Jake 'Push-Up' King has claimed that the producers of the Marngrook Footy Show on SBS gave him his gig because they thought he was indigenous.

The Herald Sun is reporting that King joined the panel earlier this year despite having no Aboriginal bloodlines.

However, speaking at a lauch for the Tournier Foundation, the former Tiger claimed that his skin gets pretty dark over the hotter months.

“They thought I was indigenous,” King said.

“I had a big summer and came back tanned. Since then, they invited me to come back permanently.”

He also let loose about about former coach Damien Hardwick when he had been dropped in 2014.

“After round one, I ended up getting dropped by Dima,” King said.

“He did it over the phone. He didn’t do it in person. I did what most people did and asked to meet Dima to have a chat.”

King called Hardwick when he wasn't at the club, when the coach replied: “I’m not an idiot. I’m not gonna let you punch the f--- out of me because I dropped you.’”

King said: “I spent the next eight weeks in the reserves because I’d told (Hardwick) exactly what I thought of him. It wasn’t much fun.”

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