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THROWBACK THURSDAY: Plugger Singlehandedly Beats Sydney In 1994

The best - and worst - of Plugger

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After the madness of trade week, we figured there’s no better way to wind down than to watch some old school footy from when the only thing bigger than the hits were the post-match piss ups in the social club.

And what better way to kick things off than with the biggest hitter of them all, Tony “Plugger” Lockett?

Round 7 1994 was a huge one for Plugger: 12 marks, 17 kicks, two Brownlow votes, seven free kicks against, 11.2 (including the winner) — and eight weeks suspension for splattering Peter Caven’s nose all over his face.

It was very much vintage Plugger, his taste for goals only matched by hits that these days would see him booted out of the game.

You can see that hit on Caven — amongst others — in this video, with some bonus footage of Eddie McGuire as a young footy journo.

Round 7 94 saw Plugger at his worst and best. 

As well as caving in Caven’s face, when Lockett kicked his 10th major of the day, he stormed into the goal square and kicked the footy as hard as he could at the the congregation of grandmas who sat behind the SCG goals knitting, then followed it up with a verbal spray.

At the final siren — after his 11th snag had given the Saints a one point win — he ran back towards those same fans and gave them a huge ‘up yours’ sign.

The next year he was a Swan himself, playing in front of those exact fans.

Watch the last quarter of that insane game here — at one stage the Swans are 48 points up midway through the last term before Plugger starts doing Plugger things.

He wasn’t finished with the Swans for 1994 either, in round 22 he booted another 9.4 against them and took home three Brownlow votes.

Overall that year he kicked an eye-watering 56.26 from just 10 games, a testament to the enigmatic goal kicking genius he was.

Tags: St Kilda Saints, Throwback Thursday

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