Posted: 24 November, 2016 by Footy Newsroom

Jack Watts Explains His Hair Disaster

A dare gone wrong

(Image: Melbourne website)

Speaking to the Melbourne club websiteJack Watts has explained the calamity that lead to the blonde hair style he's currently rocking.

It all stemmed from a poor bet in the US.

"I was over in New York and one of the boys dared me to come to Halloween with blue hair," Watts said.

"So I jumped into a hairdresser - thought it would take 20 minutes, 3 hours later they were still going at it. I started to regret it around that stage.

"It went blue, then they told me to “purple shampoo” it. It went green, it went white and now it’s gone back to that peroxide blonde."

When asked whether he'll try and get rid of the blonde locks, Watts said it's not really worth the effort.

"It’ll probably stay like this until someone cuts it, I guess."

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