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Mark Ricciuto Clarifies Adelaide’s Ben Jarman Decision

Roo was on Dead Set Legends this morning

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Adelaide's decision not to nominate Ben Jarman — son of Darren — as a father/son selection yesterday raised some eyebrows in footy circles, and Mark Ricciuto has come on Dead Set Legends this morning to explain the reasoning.

Jarman would have been Adelaide’s first ever father/son selection, and as Roo explains, it may still happen.

“There’s no one saying he’s not gonna end up the Crows at the moment,” Roo said.

“It’s a very complicated system, and I don’t think 99% of people listening to the radio would understand how it works.”

Roo went on to explain how the situation works.

“What happened a couple of weeks ago, the Crows had to say they were interested in picking him up at that point,” he said.

“They didn’t say they were gonna guarantee it, and all that’s happened yesterday is the Crows have basically dropped off so they don’t get the discount to pick him up early.”

If a team nominates an eligible father/son selection they get a 20% discount on the amount of draft points it will take to get him.

“That’s not to say that they won’t pick him up… if the Crows signed form 19 yesterday on the father/son then they had to pick him up in the draft.

“Basically it just gives the Crows more flexibility and nothing changes at all from where the club sees Benny Jarman at.”

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