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Sandringham Dragons Set All-Time Draft Record


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You might have heard their name read out a bit at the top of the 2016 AFL draft.

The Sandringham Dragons were prolific, with top two picks Andrew McGrath and Tim Taranto selected from their side, as well as academy selection Will Setterfield at pick five, Jack Scrimshaw at pick seven and Oliver Florent at pick 11.

No other TAC Cup team has ever managed to dominate the top of the draft to such an extent.

Not one team since the Geelong Falcons in 2001 - long regarded as the dominant team of the superdraft - has had five of its players selected so early in a draft.

In fact, it's not even close.

The Falcons that year had Luke Hodge go at pick one, with Jimmy Bartel and Luke Molan featuring in the top 10, and Matt Maguire and Charlie Gardiner falling just outside the top 20.

They also had Tom Davidson (pick 27), Joel Reynolds (pick 31), Gary Ablett (pick 40, father-son) and Adam Houlihan (pick 60) selected that year.

Five picks in the top 23 wasn't bad.

But five picks in the top 11?

Fair effort from the Dragons!

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