Posted: 27 November, 2016

The 8th Hospitalised After Severe Chest Pains

Tags: Andrew Johns

The 8th Immortal feared he was having a heart attack during the week after waking up in the middle of the night with immense chest pain.

After being rushed to Prince of Wales hospital, it was revealed that Joey Johns had broken his sternum during a surfing accident the day before, reports the

“I got up the next morning and saw he’s been trying to ring me during the night,” Matty Johns said.

“I stopped taking Joey’s 2am calls a long time ago for obvious reasons.

“The poor bugger thought he was having a heart ­attack. They whacked him in for an X-ray and­ ­it turned out to be a ­broken sternum thankfully.”

Joey's expected to be discharged on Monday and won't be able to surf again for six weeks.

Tags: Andrew Johns

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