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Raiders Fan Finally Responds To Blake Austin's Awesome Text Message

Photo: Getty Images / Conor Chisholm

Last week Triple M ran a story on a massive Raiders fan and his great yarn about Blake Austin and his actt of kindness.

The story goes that Blake, who knew Conor Chisholm was a big Raiders fan, offered to send him some of his personal Canberra training gear as a gift.

But poor Conor was so starstruck by the offer he didn’t know what to say… until now.

“I’m a huge fan of Blake Austin and today he sent me this,” Conor told Triple M. Read the text message below.

Blake: “Hey mate. I’m clearing out some of last year’s trading gear. Would you want some.

Conor: “I really have no idea how to respond to that haha your (sic) so loyal and kind to your fans, I would have to have anything Raiders gear but I was thinking maybe we could auction that stuff to a foundation like the Ricky Stuart foundation, only if it is possible of course, but if not I’d love to have it :) legend.”

Blake: “Man it’s only training gear, so not much point donating it. Very thoughtful but.”

Whether you love the Canberra Raiders or not Blake is a bit of a legend.

Photo: Conor Chisholm

Earlier On Triple M

Photo: Getty Images / Instagram

How good is Blake Austin!

Canberra fan, Connor Chisholm, was left utterly speechless after this awesome response from the Raiders star. See the post below.

Realising he was a massive Canberra fan, Blake Austin offered to give him some of his training gear from last season.

"Hey mate," said Blake Austin. "I'm clearing out some of last year;s training gear. Would you want some."

Chisholm was so taken aback, he didn't know what to say! 

“So I kinda woke up to this. I post a lot about Blake Austin on Instagram as he is my favourite player.

“I still haven’t replied to him because I have no idea what to say.”

Photo: Instagram

This is not the first time Austin has offered a random act of kindness.

Earlier this year, Blake stopped his car to offer a young girl in a wheelchair a lift to GIO Stadium after he spotted her proudly wearing her Raiders jersey and waiting in the freezing cold for a bus to the game.

What a genuine bloke!

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