Posted: 24 November, 2016 by Triple M NRL

Does the NRL Draw Favour The Brisbane Broncos?

The NRL's 2017 draw has been released, which includes the reduction of the number of five-day turnarounds between games from 31 to 19.

CLICK HERE to see the 2017 NRL draw.

But a lot of Sydney rugby league fans are calling bias over the NRL giving the Brisbane Broncos the bulk of the Channel Nine Thursday and Friday night games, especially over the first 11 rounds.

The Friday night spot is considered the primetime television spot for NRL and Brisbane will be getting the bulk of that.

Of the first 20 rounds of the 26-round premiership Brisbane will play six Thursday nights and seven Friday nights alongside five Saturdays, which a lot of fans believe gives the super club an edge over their rivals. However, as you can see below, those games are against some NRL heavyweights, playing four finalists in the first five rounds.

Broncos First Nine Games on Thursday and Friday Night

Round One - Sharks vs Broncos - Thursday
Round Two - Broncos vs Cowboys - Friday
Round Three - Storm vs Broncos - Thursday
Round Four - Broncos vs Raiders - - Friday
Round Five - Bulldogs vs Broncos - Thursday
Round Six - Broncos vs Roosters - Thursday
Round Seven - Broncos vs Titans - Friday
Round Eight - Rabbitohs vs Broncos - Friday
Round Nine - Broncos vs Panthers - Thursday 

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