Posted: 19 November, 2016

How A Big Name Was Almost Lost To The Tigers Because Of Poor Grammar

Resigned or Re-Signed?

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Image: Wests Tigers Facebook

Some people take it upon themselves to be a bit pedantic about grammar on the internet, but certain events this week concerning Elijah Taylor have proven the importance of being diligent when typing online.

A bit of a shitstorm erupted after some fans got worked up on social media about why Elijah Taylor wasn't seen in any of the Wests Tigers pre-season training pics.

From what we understand, some people on Reddit noticed that someone replying to comments on the Wests Tigers Facebook post was apparently a club trainer. Check out a pic of the comments below.

And his comment unfortunately was lacking some crucial punctuation.

"No need to worry. He has resigned and trained the house down in the heat today. Club will make an official statement shortly," Craig Blair commented.

Apparently there's now a bit of doubt about Blair's authority to make this sort of comment, as some people have alleged that he's not actually employed by the club but is a fan who was invited to a training session.

Upon later checking the Facebook post, Blair's comments have been deleted.

The Wests Tigers have not commented on the situation and whether ET has resigned, re-signed or there is simply no news.

Main takeaway from this article: use hyphens.

Tags: Wests Tigers, Elijah Taylor

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