Posted: 6 November, 2016

English Media Is Absolutely Disgusted With This Wayne Bennett Interview

"Nothing short of a disgrace"

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Wayne Bennett has his critics in Australia, and it appears that the English league enthusiasts aren't exactly warming to the coach.

In a post match interview with BBC reporter Tayna Arnold, Bennett can be heard giving his usual brief and evasive answers, to the disgust of former Super League players Iestyn Harris and Jon Wells, who are part of the BBC commentary team for the Four Nations. Listen to the report below.

England had a slow start to the game, and only really started to fire in the second 40.

Despite being easy favourites, England were lucky to come away with the win against Scotland.

To give you a bit of a feel for the interview, check out the excerpt of the exchange below.

Arnold: Did they do what you wanted them to in the second half?

Bennett: We got closer to it.

Arnold: What more do you want from them?

Bennett: For them to play to their ability.

Arnold: Have any players put themselves out of next week's game? Anyone coming in?

Bennett: Yeah, probably a couple.

"He needs to be more than an ambassador for rugby league in this country. He needs to be an evangelist. He's not pulling up that end of the bargain, is he?" Harris said following the interview.

"I think that was nothing short of a disgrace. I think he's treated a very professional broadcaster with disrespect," Wells said.

Check out the match highlights below.

Tags: Wayne Bennett, Four Nations, England

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