Posted: 2 December, 2016

Sterlo Takes A Bloody Strong Stand On Semi Radradra

Well said Sterlo!

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There’s been varying degrees of response to the Semi Radradra saga, with Triple M and former NRL veteran Michael Ennis admiting the club should just let him go.

Triple M and former Parramatta rugby league legend Peter Sterling strongly disagreed with that.

“If he’s on contract, he’s at Parramatta next year. And if he’s not at Parramatta next year then he’s not playing for anybody,"
he said, on the Triple M Rush Hour.

“This is a club that has lost Jarryd Hayne and Kieran Foran in quick succession. I don’t think they can have Semi Radradra be leaving on the back of those two." Listen to the full audio below.

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Tags: Parramatta Eels

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