Posted: 8 November, 2016 by Dan The Internut

This Iguana Escaping A Swarm Of Snakes Is The Ultimate Underdog Story

Go you bloody good thing! GO!

Tags: Nature, Wildlife, Snakes

If you hated snakes before, you'll probably hate them even more now.

From all reports, this footage appeared on BBC program Planet Earth 2 last Sunday night, and it's amazing.

So amazing that we thought, just for a minute, that it could possibly be fake. But that's just the naysayer in us.

Just watch.

Epic Iguana trying to escape a legion of snakes with Game of thrones soundtrack from trav on Vimeo.

It sort of reminds us of this classic. Another underdog story with a happy ending. Watch from 1:46.

Tags: Nature, Wildlife, Snakes

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