Posted: 11 November, 2016

Remembrance Day On The Central Coast

Today is Remembrance Day, the day we commemorate the end of the First World War in 1918.

A bit of the background

At 11am on the 11th of November in 1918, the Western Front fell silent. For four years, the sounds of war had ricocheted across Europe and much of the world.

The allied armies had successfully pushed the Central Powers back over the previous four months and in November, Germany called for an armistice.

At 11am, the ceasefire agreement was signed and the war ended with the Central Powers accepting an unconditional surrender.

Tomorrow, we remember the lives lost on the battlefront that secured our freedom. The moment of silence mimics the sweet sound of ceasefire.

Remembrance Day on the Coast

We’ll be observing a moment of silence on air. Our special will begin at 10.55.30 and lead up to 1 minute silence at 11am

Soldier On

Soldier On does amazing work in supporting our wounded warriors. Since 1990, more than 72,000 Australians have served in our defense force. Soldier On provides services to these servicemen and women, and their families for the duration of their deployment and afterwards too.

A large proportion of this incredible charity’s funding comes exclusively from community generosity. We’re proud supporters of Soldier On and our Aussie servicemen and women.

Please join us in supporting this wonderful initiative!</p

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