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South Australia Gets New Power Station

Big AGL Announcement

South Australia Gets New Power Station

It's taken some time, but AGL is ready to replace its 50 year old 480MW Torrens Island A station.

The new gas fired power station will be less than half the old ones capacity at 210MW.

It'll be ready by 2019 and create about 200 construction jobs.

The multi-million dollar investment nearly didn't happen after the State Government announced a $360 million gas-fired plant in March.

That prompted AGL to take another look at its own plans.

But the Government says its new station won't be a market competitor and will only exist as a back up option in times of emergency.

Just across the Port River, rival firm ENGIE plans on boosting its own power station at Pelican Point to 479MW from July 1 after doing deals with clients including Origin Energy.

Meantime five bidders have been shortlisted in the tender to build Australia's biggest battery, paid for by the $150 million Renewable Technology Fund.

Work is expected to begin on AGL's new power station in August.