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Billboards Causing A Stink In SEQ Are Here To Stay

Dozens of complaints dismissed

Billboards Causing A Stink In SEQ Are Here To Stay Pic: Facebook/Gun World Australia

The Advertising Standards Bureau has dismissed dozens of complaints from South East Queenslanders unhappy with a few new billboards appearing on main roads. 

The Gun World Australia signs, found at the likes of Algester Road and Loganlea Road, have been attracting complaints since late November. 


"Both Santa and Christmas are things that you associate with children, and I feel that it is not appropriate to relate these ideas with trying to sell someone a gun," said one woman. 

"It is not appropriate at all for anyone to be seeing a message of gun and Santa in the same picture," wrote another. 

"This billboard basically says to children to tell Santa you want a gun for Christmas. This is Australia not the USA. This billboard goes against the Australian way and our freedom from violence. Please remove it", pleaded another. 

Director of Gun World Australia, Andrew Peat, responded to the ASB complaints denying the billboard had any connection to children. That said, he did acknowledge that Queensland legislation allows for 11 to 17 year olds to obtain a 'minors license' for using a Category A, B and H weapon under supervision. 

Peat has shared a copy of the ASB's response on the company's Facebook page, with the Bureau declaring all complaints were dismissed.