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A Coastie's Miracle Story At Gallipoli

An amazing escape

A Coastie's Miracle Story At Gallipoli

Here's the story of a very lucky Coastie in the Battle of Gallipoli.

We don't know his name, we just know his story.

When the boats landed along the Turkish coastline o April 25, 1915, he was amongst them.

As the Australian boys dodged enemy fire as they waded towards the beach, he was with them.

The Allies suffered 141 000 casualties that day. But he was not amongst them. 

When a bullet struck his breast, it didn't piece his skin.

His life was saved by the penny he happened to have in his shirt pocket.

The coin - complete with protruding bullet - has been tested by forensic police. It's legitimate. And a legitimately incredible story.

The story was told to local historian, Andrew Church, when he met the grandson of a survivor who knew the story. 

[Photo: Central Coast Interactive War Exhibit]