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Berkeley Vale Rehab Project Puts Coast On Health Tech Map

Nominated for award.

Berkeley Vale Rehab Project Puts Coast On Health Tech Map Supplied.

A Berkeley Vale man's been recognised for a new innovative new tool, looking to personalise drug and alcohol addicts' recovery journey.

The Regional Australia Institute's named Brian Hill among finalists for this year's Lightbulb Moment comp, after coming up with the Clean M8 digital platform.

He says it's still in prototype phase, but the end product will use an app, and a digital platform, to help clinicians target their support.

"The window of opportunity is really small, so when someone has that motivated moment that they want to try and reach out to get some report, often if they're in a remote setting there's nothing there," says Mr Hill.

"So we're looking to see what we can do to try and fill some of that gap."

Mr Hill says he was inspired to create Clean M8 following his time in occupational therapy and rehab.

"(In that role) we have to be able to use techniques we draw upon from neuroscience and support people through changing as a result of impaired function," he says. "We can use a lot of those same techniques in the application of behavioral change.


"We're also talking with GPs and rehab centres like The Glen involved at the coal face of addiction recovery, in making sure we design tools that are adapted to the needs of clinicians and the people they work with."