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Council Most Complained About In NSW

Read its response.

Council Most Complained About In NSW

New state government data shows Central Coast Council was the most complained about local government of any in the state in 2016-17.

The Office of Local Government says ratepayers filed 32 grievances against Council over the 2016-17 financial year, while it was in administration.

It puts us ahead of Georges River in Sydney and Port Stephens in the Hunter.

Council’s responded to the figures, with a spokesperson pinning a lot of the complaints on the amalgamation process.

They also claim the OLG didn’t refer the grievances back to them so they could take action.

“Per head of population the percentage of complaints is quite low at 0.00096% compared to other Councils, including Georges River (.019%) and Port Stephens (.03%),” the representative also says.

“Council introduced a harmonised Complaint and Feedback Management Policy in March 2017… This was reviewed again in 2018.”

It comes as our decision makers are set meet up for a second week in a row tonight, to go over issues they didn’t get time to look at last week.

Councillor Greg Best is worried the catch ups aren't being run properly leaving ratepayers waiting and waiting for answers during decisions on things like dredging the Ettalong Channel.

"150 people were made to wait two hours for a matter to be heard at Gosford Chambers: Senior citizens sitting on the floor, the mayor refusing to hear the matter heard,” Councillor Best says. “I had to move dissent in the mayor to try and get some common sense in the room.”

“I didn’t sign up for this. I didn’t sing up to make the community sit on the floor, I signed up to get the business done and it’s not happening.”

He's also called for the newer Councillors to receive more training to help in this regard.

And there'll be no rest for Councillors next week either: the next ordinary meeting is scheduled for Gosford on Tuesday.