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Central Coast Surfers Are Keeping Coffee Cups Out Of The Ocean

Get involved at the cost of a cappuccino

Central Coast Surfers Are Keeping Coffee Cups Out Of The Ocean The Cup Project

A Central Coast campaign to stop coffee cups and their plastic lids winding up in the ocean has reached a major milestone.

The Cup Project was started up by a group of surfing mates in Bateau Bay six months ago and has since has put 1,000 of the glass and medical grade silicon containers in Coasties' hands.

If they're used by those people on a daily work run, it spares about 250,000 single use cups from the tip in just one year.

Cofounder Jessica Grimwood says cutting down on landfill and ocean pollution doesn’t end there, with people using them on the go for treats like smoothies and ice cream too.

“Growing up on the Central Coast, I know everyone’s pretty environmentally conscious,” she said.

“But it’s hard sometimes to make the connection of what we do in our daily lives and the impact.”

Partnering up with about half a dozen local cafes around Bateau Bay, Long Jetty, and Shelly Beach, they’ve been able to make them free for latte lovers.

“The way the cups make the money back so you don’t have to pay for them is every time you buy a coffee at that cafe, they donate 50 cents to The Cup Project,” Ms Grimwood said.

“So over about 20 coffees, each cup pays for itself.”

The donations also go towards funding new reusable cups.

People from overseas have been showing interest and the team’s planning its next move, including looking at more sustainable materials for the cups and getting more cafes on-board.

To find out how to get yours, head to The Cup Project's Facebook page.