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Coast Ninth Most Populous Region In Australia

Population to pass 25 million today.

Coast Ninth Most Populous Region In Australia The Entrance. Credit: Central Coast Aero Club/facebook

Australia's population will tick over to 25 million just after 11 tonight.

We're set to reach the milestone 33 years earlier than first predicted, largely thanks to immigration which accounts for 62% of our population growth.

While McCrindle social researcher Ashley Fell says the Coast remains in the top ten areas in Australia for population, thanks to more and more Sydneysiders heading north.

"The Central Coast sits at number nine, just after Canberra," Ms Fell said.

"It's home to around 329,000 residents, and grew by 0.7% in 2017... and it is growing through internal migration, moving out of the Sydney greater capital."

We're currently adding a new person every one minute and 42 seconds on average.