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Coast Ranks As Car Theft Hotspot

REVEALED: The Models Most At-Risk

Coast Ranks As Car Theft Hotspot

There’s more than one car theft a day on the Central Coast.

The latest update from the National Motor Vehicle Theft Reduction Council shows there were more than 560 crimes here last year.

That means we’re second on the hot spots for New South Wales.

Only Blacktown motorists had more trouble than us.

Meantime, Coasties who drive Holdens or Toyotas might want to take extra steps to keep them secure.

Different Commodore and Hilux models rounded out the five most popular choices for car thieves across the state.

No good news if you're a rider either: we're fourth in New South Wales for motorcycle thefts with 79 stolen locally last year.

Overall 674 vehicles were stolen on the Central Coast in 2017.

This is actually a 1% drop on last year's figures, but the decrease is largely due to thefts of 'other vehicles' such as trucks and vans, which dropped 42% over the 12 months.