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Coast Should Receive Share Of New Paramedics

Union says it's a start.

Coast Should Receive Share Of New Paramedics

Looks like at least 10 new paramedics will be helping Coasties involved in serious incident in the next few years.

The state government's promised to fund 750 new ambos across NSW in next week's budget, some of which will be deployed locally.

Paramedics Association president Chris Kastelan says it's a start.

"At this point in time, we're expecting between 10 and 20 paramedics, that's what we're being advised," Mr Kastelan says.

"It's relatively short of the 50 that we're calling for to make sure we have complete coverage across the Coast, but certainly having an extra 10 to 20 is a bonus.

"I think at this point in time our concern is it will only plug up gaps that currently exist in shortages around the Coast."

The location of the paramedics is yet to be announced, but Mr Kastelan reckons some of them should go to the new station on Wyong Hospital grounds at Kanwal.