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Coasties Encouraged To Help NDIS Enquiry

Gosford MP concerned.

Coasties Encouraged To Help NDIS Enquiry

Coasties with a disability will have the chance to raise their concerns about the National Disability Insurance Scheme.

A state parliamentary inquiry's kicked off, amid fears not everyone is getting access to it.

Gosford MP Liesl Tesch says she's had her own troubles chasing money for equipment since September, and she's heard from countless others.

"We've got a girl in Woy Woy who had poor wheelchair collapse," Ms Tesch said.

"She's held it together with sticky tape in all sorts of places, and one of the not for profit organisations has moved in to support her while she's till waiting to be picked up by the NDIS."

"I use modified shoes and the wheelchair, and costs for things like that come out of my own pocket in the meantime, which has been part of my life, but it's going to be great when the scheme provides some of those things for me."