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Our New Councillors To Be Paid How Much?

Clue - it's much more than before

Our New Councillors To Be Paid How Much?

They likely won't be splurging on luxury yachts, sports cars or diamond encrusted red vests, but the incoming Central Coast councillors can expect a healthy pay rise over their Gosford City and Wyong Shire predecessors.

The 15 men and women will earn as much as $28,950.... that's 3 times the old rate....while the Mayor's pay cheque could more than double ... to over $100k.

The exact amounts will be decided at the first ordinary meeting due on September 27.

Ratepayers can rest easy though, with the overall wages bill coming in well below the old combined figure.

The reason - there'll be 5 less councillors and 1 mayor instead of 2.

The Coast goes to the polls this Saturday.