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High Range Drink Driver Sentenced

Cameraman injured outside court

High Range Drink Driver Sentenced

Father of one Jeffrey Smith, who drove almost 6 times over the limit with his 11-year-old daughter at West Gosford in January before clipping another car on the Central Coast Highway and fleeing on foot, with his child in tow has been sentenced today. 

The 50 year old was convicted of high-range drink driving, negligent driving, refusing to submit to a breath test and not passing on his particulars to another driver. 

In the Gosford Local Court, he was sentenced to 12 months' jail, to be served by way of an intensive correction order. 

Smith was also fined one thousand dollars and handed a nine-month mandatory interlock period. 

Cameraman David Cleverly sustained a bloodied lip as he was knocked backwards outside court as the accused arrived to a media scrum.

Nine News reports the court heard Smith had consumed seven stubbies of beer over a 12-hour drinking session that began at 9am.

He also consumed "two large nips" mate's moonshine - a concoction of home brew rum. 

His lawyer telling the court "something's happened with rum".

"He can't recall anything until he was arrested." 

Going on to say Smith could not remember getting behind the wheel or the crash that night in January of this year. 

"He's normally the kind of bloke who would take keys off someone." 

Despite this, the court heard 13 years ago Smith was sentenced for a similar drink driving offence, and had in fact four previous drink driving offences on his record.

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