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Gallery: Dingo Pups Born At The Reptile Park

Cuteness overload!!

Gallery: Dingo Pups Born At The Reptile Park

The Australian Reptile Park has welcomed a brand new - and somewhat unexpected - fluffy bundle of happiness! 

Five adorable dingo pups were born this week, and we're literally melting from the joy!!

Tim Faulkner with dingo pups at the Australian Reptile Park

[Tim Faulkner with the five dingo pups]

Dingo puppies usually come along in May or June, so the arrival of these little ones is something of a happy surprise for the park. 

They were born to Park favourites, daddy Fred and mummy Adina.

For the next three weeks, the pups will be pretty much reliant entirely on their mother, Adina. But, Park General Manager Tim Faulkner says they'll be on display in the dingo enclosure too.

"Adina has chosen a place to make her den in a place that is open and visible for guests to admire the pups interacting with parents Adina and Fred," Mr Faulkner says.

"In a few short weeks they will be frolicking around the yard and playing with each other," he says.

The cutie little pups have a big job ahead of them as they grow up too. Captive born pups help to balance the country's ecosystem.

The Reptile Park has long been amongst our nation's front-runner conservation institutions, and these little guys will help in building awareness over the issues facing our native animal populations.

"Dingoes are being blasted, baited, tracked, shot and hunted in the wild because of their perceived damage to agriculture," Mr Faulkner says.

"However, killing dingoes removes them from the critical weight ecosystem, allowing feral foxes and cats to continuously increase the rate of mammal extinction," he says.

But seriously. Have you ever seen anything cuter than a tiny dingo yawn?

Tiny dingo pup yawn, Australian Reptile Park Somersby

[Tiny dingo yawn!!!]

[Photos courtesy of the Australian Reptile Park]