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Gosford Classic Car Museum Runs Out Of Gas

40 jobs will be lost

Gosford Classic Car Museum Runs Out Of Gas Image: Michael Duncan

The Classic Car Museum at West Gosford is history... shutting down after a 2 year fight with the tax office.

40 jobs will be lost as the $70 million facility, housed in the old Bunnings building, closes for good.

The site will be sold off... whilst the cars, motorcycles and other items go to auction on April 6-7 in a fire sale organised by Lloyd's Auction House.

They're expected to bring 30 million dollars or more.

The bone of contention for the ATO was the venture operating in a dual-purpose mode, as both a museum that charged admission and as showroom for vehicles that were all for sale.

Once the former was dropped, the business couldn't survive, losing 2 million dollars last year alone.

2GO Summer Breakfast with Mandy & Whitto spoke with General Manager Jason Fischer following the closure announcement.