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Hamlyn Terrace Woman Compensated For Whale Watching Injury

Broke her back.

Hamlyn Terrace Woman Compensated For Whale Watching Injury

A Hamlyn Terrace woman has won a six figure settlement, despite signing a waiver before a whale watching trip turned into a nightmare with lifelong consequences.

Linda Bell was holidaying with her husband on the state's North Coast in October 2015 when they decided to take the fateful journey.

"He was going too fast for the conditions," Ms Bell explains. "I ended up going up really high on the crest of a wave, came back down really hard onto the seat and broke my back."

"I couldn't feel my legs... so we came back, and then as I got off the boat the woman said to me 'You can't sue us: you signed a waiver'."

However, Lawyers at Slater and Gordon successfully argued the paperwork she signed wasn't clearly explained.

"They (the company involved) had to come to the party and acknowledge that we weren't informed enough of this waiver," Ms Bell says.

While she's happy with the settlement, Ms Bell says she'll never be the same following her experience.

"There are a lot of things I can't do: I can't vacuum or hang the clothes out without getting pain in my back, I can't lift anything over five kilos. It's just changed my life and I'll never get on a boat again."

"Make sure if you're going on anything like this to be careful of what you're signing and to ask a lot of questions."