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Irritating Algal Bloom Laps At Coast Beaches

The three spots you should avoid…

Irritating Algal Bloom Laps At Coast Beaches


Terrigal, Avoca and Copacabana beach remain open today, despite earlier warnings "red tide" algae may be in the water.

Council crews will be keeping an eye out for the blooms over coming days.

No one has been reported as coming into contact with the stuff yet, but if you spot it steer clear: it can cause rashes, asthma flare ups and irritate the eyes and ears.




Earlier Story

Bad news if you want to go for a paddle this morning with three of the Coast's most popular beaches hit by marine algae.

Central Coast Council's warning us to avoid swimming and fishing at Terrigal, Avoca and Copacabana after a bloom of the stuff known as "red tide" or "red sawdust".

It appeared over the weekend, with staff saying it should clear up in the next few days.

If we do come into contact with it, it can cause rashes, asthma and irritate our eyes and ears.

While we’re being urged to avoid eating shellfish caught in the waters, plus properly clean finfish.