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Labor: More Judges Needed At Coast District Court

Wait times blowout.

Labor: More Judges Needed At Coast District Court

Looks like Central Coast crime victims are facing big delays for justice.

According to the Bureau of Crime Stats, it's taking 548 days between an arrest and things to wrap up in the Gosford District Court.

Shadow Attorney General Paul Lynch says that's an extra four and a half months compared to four years ago.

"The District Court deals with all those comparatively serious criminal matters on the Central Coast, so it's a lack of adequate judges basically. You need more judges to hear these cases, that's the only was to solve this problem," Mr Lynch says. 

"There's an old saying that justice delayed is justice denied, and there's a bit of truth in that: The longer it takes for a case to come on the less certain the witnesses will be."

"On top of that, the delays affect the victims, tie up police and lawyers for longer than necessary, and it does no good for the accused because they don't know what's going to happen to them - it just puts them in limbo."