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LRC To Review Consent Laws After Coast Victim Speaks Out

Attorney General responds.

LRC To Review Consent Laws After Coast Victim Speaks Out Four Corners/ABC

A review of the state's consent laws will get underway, after a man was acquitted of sexual assault arguing he didn't know if a Central Coast woman agreed to sex with him, or not.

The NSW Attorney-General has ordered Law Reform Commission to look at ambiguities in legislation and whether the Crimes Act needs modernising.

"Potentially there is a lot of uncertainty about what consent means in NSW and what you have to show to show a lack of knowledge of consent," Mark Speakman said.

Coastie Saxon Mullins broke her silence and right to anonymity on the ABC last night, claiming she was raped as an 18-year-old in the back alley of a Kings Cross night club five years ago.

Sydney man Luke Lazarus was initially jailed for three years over the incident, before successfully appealing after serving 11 months of his sentence.

Ms Mullins is now calling for 'enthusiastic consent' to become the new standard for the law.

Enthusiastic consent is the idea somebody has only agreed to sex if there’s a clear verbal 'yes', rather than the absence of a ‘no’.

Prevention of Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Minister, Pru Goward says the government will also beef up education on what consent looks like, to bridge knowledge gaps.

"To assume consent on the part of another is clearly a very risky and uncertain decision,” Ms Goward said.

“I think in this modern era we need an explicit culture in which people ask and are given a clear answer; it is not enough to assume that because your victim did not say no, she [sic] said yes."