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Here's Why The M1 Upgrade Will Take 3 Years

Hint : It'll be worth the wait

Here's Why The M1 Upgrade Will Take 3 Years RMS

If you are one of the thousands of people who drive along the M1 everyday between the Doyalson and Tuggerah interchanges, you may have been wondering why it's going to take 3 full years and a quarter of a billion dollars to add 'an extra lane each way'. 

A look at the Roads and Maritime website doesn't offer much detail, so 2GO has asked exactly what's being done. The list is long and impressive. 

Here's what we can look forward to as of mid 2020.

*  Widening a 12 kilometre section of the motorway from two to three lanes in each direction between Wyong Road at Tuggerah and the Doyalson Link Road. A nine kilometre section between Wyong River and the Doyalson interchange is also being rebuilt (so long cracks and joins).

* Lengthening the north and southbound on and off ramps for both Catlex service centres as well as new line marking on several bridges. 

* Widening the St Johns Road northbound bridge and providing a 2.1 metre wide road shoulder at the bridges at McPhersons Road, Deep Creek one, two and three as well as Wyong River. A minimum three metre wide shoulder will be provided along the road near and between the bridges.

* At the Warnervale Interchange, a new northbound entry ramp (looping under the overpass with a 180 degree corner just like at Tuggerah) which connects with the Doyalson Link Road off-ramp and a widened overbridge at Sparks Road. The northbound off-ramp will be rebuilt at the Doyalson Link Road Interchange to extend to the proposed Sparks Road northbound extended on-ramp (no more having to merge onto the M1 just to get off again within a short distance).

* New traffic signals at the southbound off-ramp for safe entry onto Sparks Road.

Watch this video for a look at what's to come.

In the meantime, motorists must adhere to the 80 kmph limit which police will be enforcing.