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Meteor Sighting On The Central Coast

Reported on the Northern end

Meteor Sighting On The Central Coast


REPORTS have continued to flood in regarding a possible METEOR SIGHTING across the CENTRAL COAST and as far north as the HUNTER VALLEY.

Residents say they saw a large flash in the sky...and thunder-like noises...with GEOSCIENCE AUSTRALIA confirming no SEISMIC activity was detected.

Astronomer and Associate Professor from the University of Southern Queensland...JONTI HORNER thinks it...could've been a FIREBALL.


LAST NIGHT: Geoscience Australia has confirmed that no seismic activity was recorded on the Central Coast & Hunter tonight, pointing to the likelihood of a meteor hitting the area.

Residents began reporting "windows shaking, sounds of thunder" and "bright spreads of light" from vantage points across the Coast shortly after 9:30pm.

Suburbs including Tuggerah, Cooranbong, Gosford, Ettalong, Umina & Dora Creek all caught a glimpse and sounds "similar to fireworks".

An estimated 15,000 tonnes of space fragments enter Earth's atmosphere each year.