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No dual citizen concerns for Coast MPs

Audit yesterday.

No dual citizen concerns for Coast MPs

It looks like the Coast’s pollies are in the clear, after revealing their citizenship situation along with all other members of Parliament.

Documents lodged yesterday show two of our MPs acquired, but renounced, dual national status ahead of entering the Lower House.

Dobell MP Emma McBride ditched her sought-out Irish citizenship prior to her failed 2013 election bid for the seat. While Shortland’s Pat Conroy ditched his inherited British status ahead of securing his former seat of Charlton the same year.

Robertson MP Lucy Wicks reckons she’s had no worries with a second citizenship through birth, inheritance or marriage.

While Irish-born Senator Deb O’Neill also lodged an alienage statement to the country, effectively ridding herself of her heritage prior to her contesting and securing Robertson in 2010.

Following yesterday's audit, a further 18 politicians overall could be referred to the High Court.

Of those, five Labor MPs possibly having question marks about their eligibility to be sitting in parliament - for either not meeting yesterday's deadline or not having the required paperwork - despite Bill Shorten claiming for months he's colleagues are in the clear.

While the Opposition reckons as many as eight coalition Senators and MP's might be in trouble, including Energy Minister Josh Frydenberg and Small Business minister Michael McCormack.