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North Avoca Beach Evacuated After 3 Sharks Sighted

Trio of Whaler sharks spotted

North Avoca Beach Evacuated After 3 Sharks Sighted

UPDATE: Surfers and swimmers have returned to the water at North Avoca beach, after it was evacuated nand closed following shark sightings around 8:45 this morning.

Lifeguards and the DPI reported three two-metre whaler sharks had come close to shore - it's believed they were chasing a seal known to frequent the area.

The beach was reopened following an assessment by council staff.


EARLIER North Avoca Beach has been evacuated and remains closed, after three sharks were spotted off shore around 8:45am this morning.

Council lifeguards report the trio of two-metre long whaler sharks were spotted near a seal directly out from the SLSC, and the beach was closed as a precaution.

The sighting has been confirmed by the DPI helicopter.

Lifeguards continue to monitor the situation, and will assess whether to reopen the beach later this morning.