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Picking your nose is good for you!

Take snot-shots not 'flu shots!

Picking your nose is good for you!

American Society for Microbiology academics have revealed a gross truth: picking your nose is good for your immune system!

We're not too sure how much was spent on this research, but we're sure it was worth every dollar. 

The study focused on Britain, where, apparently nose-picking is a national pastime... A poll in January revealed it's the second most common bad habit amongst British people. Seriously guys... Is it a good time to readdress the republic debate?? Way to bring down the Commonwealth! Though, we're not too sure the results would be different here.

The research is now pointing to picking as a way to build up the immune system. Them boogies have some serious health benefits. Who knew?

And wait for it: the study found the health benefit dramatically increased when you... ATE IT! 

Quick question: who volunteered to test this hypothesis?!

It's understood the fruits of our noses are a great defense against such illnesses as HIV, stomach ulcers and respiratory infections.

They may even be an effective alternative to antibiotics - perhaps an even better alternative. Antibiotics typically kill all bacteria, whether good or bad, which can lead to much more violent infections in extreme cases. Bogies on the other hand don't kill any bacteria, it just strengthens the good stuff inside us.

The researchers are now saying the future of health care could involve munching on a healthy dose of synthetic mucus! Think we're going to be sick... 

Of course, we've been hearing years of research that says quite the opposite, that picking our nose is bad for health. Was that all just mothers' sensibilities talking? What about all the germs we're introducing through our fingers? So. Many. Questions!

Anyway, whatever the health benefit though, we're not convinced taking snot-shots is really worth the trouble. Not least in the stigma it carries! Nope. No. Nup. No thank you.