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Report on Mangrove Mountain dump released

Local group disputes findings.

Report on Mangrove Mountain dump released

Photo: Mountain Districts Association (facebook)

The Mountain Districts Association has disputed the accuracy of an independent report into the impact a landfill site at Mangrove Mountain is having on the Coast's water supply.

The report, released by the EPA last Friday, found no evidence it's had an impact on surface water or groundwater for residents.

Spokesperson Dr Stephen Goodwin is skeptical.

"The consultant reported there appeared to be no evidence. Now all he had to assess on that quick was a single set of information provided by the EPA, but which came from the operator (Verde Terra)," Dr Goodwin said this morning.

"That really does not go to the heart of it... the landfill remains a risk. A risk can not be measured just by taking a single sample of water and testing it. The risk is there."

Above: The site of the landfill, within the Central Coast's water catchment area.

The operator wants to recommence dumping waste on the site after a 3 year break.

However the EPA's report has issued 61 recommendations for them to meet, in relation to monitoring environmental impact and stormwater management.

The report has been referred back to Central Coast Council, and Dr Goodwin has called for them to show leadership on the issue.

"We're in constant contact... and we would like to know if there's a timetable on the operator to respond to this, whether in fact Council have had a response yet... I mean we've had advice from council that they have done this, and that there is a requirement on the operator (to respond)."

"We actually haven't seen that evidence, and it's unlikely that they will disclose that to us. So we would like to know.. when did they notify the operator and when can we expect a response back from them

The ABC reports the operator wants to dump over a million tonnes of more waste at the site over the next decade.

The full report's available HERE: