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Reprieve From Frosty Mornings On The Coast

Unusually warm days ahead

Reprieve From Frosty Mornings On The Coast

Forecasters expect Mother Nature to have a change of heart, after the Central Coast's coldest morning of the year.

Mangrove Mountain residents shivered through 0.2 degrees Celsius Sunday morning, while a chilly 1.6 degrees kept Gosford residents under the doona.

The Bureau of Meteorology expects we'll see minimums of between 5 and 10 degrees around the region this morning, before it gets unusually warm between Tuesday and Thursday.

Forecaster Gabrielle Woodhouse says over that period, max temps will get to around 21 degrees.

“With that we will also see some warmer minimum temperatures, and so the run of frosty nights is basically at an end for the next couple of days.”