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SMILE: Coast Cops Get Body Cams

Rolling Out In Next Few Weeks

SMILE: Coast Cops Get Body Cams NSW Police Force

Coasties can expect to see cops with body cams, as both Brisbane Water and Tuggerah Lakes Police have now announced officers will start wearing them in the next few weeks.

The devices are aimed at improving safety for the community and staff, while also collecting evidence for investigations.

Tuggerah Lakes’ District Commander, Superintendent John Gralton insists officers will let us know if we're being recorded, which is likely to occur when things escalate or an arrest is imminent.

“We hope it might even have a calming effect when people know they’re on camera and that evidence obtained can be used in a court of law,” Supt Gralton said.

“If there is any form of altercation during the arrest, the evidence will clearly indicate what actually occurred.”

Officers will need to be trained to use the devices before they can be deployed.

Footage will be deleted once it is uploaded to an internal database.