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Ouch - Reptile Park Keeper Bitten

Warning - graphic images below

Ouch - Reptile Park Keeper Bitten Reptile Park

A keeper at The Australian Reptile Park has managed to crack a smile despite being bitten by the longest snake that resides at the Somersby attraction.

JAKE MENEY suffered deep lacerations to his hand when Monster, the 5 metre reticulated python latched on during the routine check up yesterday.

When weighed back in April of this year Monster came in at a whopping 53kg. Keepers say that she has most certainly grown since her weigh in and are all a little more anxious for their next interaction.

Head of Reptiles Daniel Rumsey spoke about the bite “Jake is one of our most experienced keepers here at the Park and Monster, despite her name, is generally quite a placid animal. Jake and Monster have worked together since Monster was little with Jake building a strong bond with the animal, however this is a reminder that this is a hazard of the job. Just as important as Jake's well being, we checked over Monster and she is perfectly fine - it was just a little love bite!”

Jake was bitten whilst performing a routine health check on the giant python with two other keepers present. Appropriate first aid measures were taken immediately and Jake was taken to the local medical centre to receive antibiotics and medical assessment. 

Jake Meney said “Monster bit, I pulled, it tore – I definitely felt her teeth! It was crazy, I had the longest species of snake hanging off my arm”

Jake and the Reptiles team jumped back in with Monster today to ensure their relationship was still intact with the team handling the massive serpent and rebuilding their bond.