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Minimum 8.5 Years For Murder Of Laurie Starling

2nd man sentenced over crime

Minimum 8.5 Years For Murder Of Laurie Starling

A man who pleaded guilty to the murder of Central Coast custom car builder LAURIE STARLING could be out of jail by his 40th birthday.

32 year old TIMOTHY ROLFE was sentenced today in the NSW Supreme Court to a maximum 13 years for his role in the shooting death in July 2014.

The minimum term is 8 and a half.

The 29 year old victim was gunned down in cold blood outside his West Gosford business, The Chop Shop, following a dispute over a motorcycle and a debt the former owner owed to an OMCG.

ROLFE is the second person to be jailed for murder, after ex-president of the Rebels Windsor chapter JOHN RICHARD WESTON was handed a 34 year term last week.