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Terrigal Pair Allegedly Threaten To Kill Teen

Weapons talk on bus

Terrigal Pair Allegedly Threaten To Kill Teen

A Terrigal pair has been charged after allegedly threatening to slit a teenager's throat overnight.

Police were told the 53-year-old female and 56-year-old male had been rowdy on a bus heading from Erina Fair to the suburb just after 3:30pm yesterday, talking of weapons and insulting children.

They hopped off the service at Terrigal Drive the same time as a 15-year-old boy.

The duo is accused of telling him they would kill him, gesturing to make a slicing motion at the neck.

His mum picked him up promptly and rushed to Terrigal Police Station.

Brisbane Water Detectives launched an investigation and cuffed the duo at their Terrigal home just before 9:30pm.

The man and woman been bailed and front Gosford Court on intimidation and offensive conduct charges next month.