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The Australian Reptile Park Drops Another Viral Video!

Parodying The Recent 'Dundee' Commercial

The Australian Reptile Park Drops Another Viral Video!

The Australian Reptile Park recently released a video parodying the recent global tourism campaign and Superbowl commercial “DUNDEE”. Instantly going viral, the video has racked up over 313,000 views in under 4 hours! That equates to over 1,300 views per minute.

Watch here. 


They may not be Chris Hemsworth or Danny McBride, but Dingo Dan and Tim Faulkner have had a crack at the popular Tourism Australia campaign. Although the original campaign focused on Australia’s notorious beauty, food and wine (things that not only associated with Australia alone), The Australian Reptile Park decided to take aim at the more ‘unique’ side of Australia that it’s famous for.

Throughout the trailer, Dingo Dan faces off against koalas, funnel web spiders, Elvis the croc and venomous snakes. The Australian Reptile Park celebrates being Australian (all things inclusive), but this parody takes aim at the presumptions international visitors have about their country and all the things the Australia is most known for including adventure, wildlife, the outback and of course our deadly and dangerous creatures.

General manager Tim Faulkner says, “I came up with this video idea after watching the Australian Tourism masterpiece, Dundee. It was hilarious and had us all fooled! Watching it, we all wondered where the real Dundee was; crocodiles, snakes etc. So we decided to make our own version and involve the Reptile Park.”

Faulkner continues “We are so proud of the deadly creatures that call Australia home, it is a part of our heritage. The Australian Reptile Park is a thriving business and both domestic and international visitors come to us to see our unique & dangerous wildlife – they LOVE them! The truth of the matter is that it is actually very unlikely that someone will get bitten, envenomated or stung when visiting our great country so if that’s deterring you from visiting, don’t let it!”

The video was shot over the course of two days and staff worked together to brainstorm ideas and work out how the Central Coast wildlife sanctuary could execute them. The Elvis shot in particular caused quite the fuss when onlooking crowds screamed as they watched the croc launch from the water in an attempt to get to Dingo Dan.

The Australian Reptile Park is a hands-on wildlife sanctuary located in the natural bush setting of the Central Coast of NSW, only 60 minutes from Sydney or Newcastle. Enjoy live entertaining shows, themed exhibits and interaction with many of the wildlife sanctuaries residents. The Park is open daily from 9am-5pm, with complimentary parking and BBQ facilities.

More information at The Australian Reptile Park Website

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