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Two boys rescue from Entrance Channel

Caught in a rip.

Two boys rescue from Entrance Channel

UPDATE: A young boy and his grateful mother will join police this morning, after he and a friend were rescued in the channel yesterday.

The 11 year old and his friend, also 11, got caught in a rip around 2 yesterday.

Tuggerah Lakes senior constable Steve Ah Tow and a 43 year old man witnessed the incident jumped in and carried the eleven year olds to safety.

Police are set to release more the Entrance Waterfront at 11.


EARLIER: We saw another incident at a Central Coast spot notorious for rescues yesterday, with a police officer and a bystander working together to save two 11 year old boys at the Entrance Channel.

Police were called to the channel around 2pm, when onlookers noticed the boys in distress, caught in a strong rip in the middle of the channel.

A senior constable and 43 year old man both swam out to meet the boys, working together to bring them to safety on the northern side of the channel and reunite them with their parents.

Tuggerah Lakes Police are now urging locals to be aware of the conditions and possible hazards in the area before entering the water.

It was one of more than 20 major incidents off the NSW coast during a weekend of massive swell - today the search resumes for a 52 year old man who was swept off rocks while taking photos at Sydney's Little Bay.