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UMINA: Flash-flooding causes headaches

Lovell Rd inundated yet again

UMINA: Flash-flooding causes headaches

IMAGES: Courtesy of Rebecca Hurst on Facebook

Update, Friday 21st April

Central Coast Council has responded to concerns about flooding during heavy rain events at Umina Beach, insisting it's taking action to minimise instances of excess water in Lovell Road and surrounding areas.

Maintenance crews have been dispatched to investigate drainage pits for blockages, and a closed circuit camera unit has been arranged to visually inspect the local drainage network.

In addition, Council has completed multiple creek maintenance projects in the area. While next month, crews will commence an upgrade to the drainage system from Carpenter Street to the Everglades main drain.

Earlier, Thursday 20th April

A number of Umina Beach residents have been left perplexed after recurring flash-flooding has again caused headaches during heavy rain.

Properties in Lovell Rd were almost inaccessible yesterday afternoon with a body of water taking hold of the street.

Locals says it "happens every time" it rains and are calling on Central Coast Council to address the issue.

Another concern is people using the stretch of road when it is flooded, causing waves of water to wash under residents' front doors.