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Umina L-Plater to face Children's Court

Accused of stealing car, plates.

Umina L-Plater to face Children's Court

A 17 year old L-Plater from Umina beach will face Woy Woy Children's Court today, after allegedly stealing a car from the Sydney suburb of Kingsgrove earlier this month.

Brisbane Water Police report a black BMW X5 was stolen while parked during the night of October 8th, while 5 days later number plates were stolen from another X5 and placed on the stolen car.

The vehicle was then involved in an incident at Rhodes on Saturday, and was spotted being driven erratically on the M1 at Cowan yesterday.

The 17 year old was arrested in Woy Woy's railway street, after taking the Kariong exit.

He's facing two charges, has been issued with penalty notices for driving unaccompanied and has had his licence suspended.